TS4 Patreon January 19, 2020

Holy Bat Shit, seems I (Miriah) hurt someones feelings lately & they have filed a Promoting Counterfeit Goods claim against our Twitter account. So it is suspended till I agrue with Twitter & prove that who ever this/these person(s) are that they are bat shit crazy in their claims. I kind of knew this would be coming, took them long enough to find a rule to get the account suspended on. Cripes these people call themselves creators for a reason after all, they sure are good at creating false claims.

We encourage everyone to share the link to the website with all of your simmer family & friends!

Our list of creators has grown quite large again. If you would like to pledge/subscribe to a patreon creator for a month or more & share your files with us to share with the community, please e-mail us at this LINK for the list of current creators we would appreciate files donated for. Or if you would like to donate files for any patreon creator that you currently pledge/subscribe to, please e-mail us at this LINK for information as to how to share your files with the community through this website.

Thank You to everyone who donates! We could not do this without all of you!

If you know of any patreon creators you would like us to look at as possible creators to be considered for the site, E-Mail us a link to their patreon page & their tumblr/blog site. We will look at their CC to determine if they are indeed breaking EA's TOS/UGC & are not meeting the guidelines as to what is considered early release CC. EA considers early release CC to be files that are released "FREE" to the public within 21 days of being posted to a creator's patreon page. FREE means there are no ad.fly, shorte.st, OUO.IO or any other type of paywall link site that you are redirected to before you are directed to the file download.

Remember pre-made sims may take longer to download, especially during busy times.