Faq Sheet

Site Content

  1. New The Sims 4 patreon content will be uploaded to the home page every Friday.
  2. Creators for The Sims 4 patreon content, that have 5 or less files will be posted to the Miscellaneous Creators page.
  3. None of the content offered is created by us.
  4. We do not take credit for any of the content that is posted.
  5. Credit is given to the proper creator of the content.
  6. The majority of the content provided here has been donated to us by anonymous simmers.
  7. All content has been obtained by legal measures. Meaning it has been properly paid for on patreon/pay websites.
  8. Content is offered on an "As Is" basis. We are not responsible for any of the content or anything that may occur should you choose to use the content in your game. Our advice is to un-install the content if there is a problem.
  9. We recognize that many of the simmers that play The Sims 4 are younger. So to keep our website safer for younger simmers, any adult pictures/content/text will be posted behind an adult consent page/image.

Content Donations

  1. If you wish to donate any content you may do so by sending an email to Content Donations. Please be sure to include the image/s of the donation content file/s.
  2. All donation emails will be immediately deleted once files/images have been collected by one of the team members. Never at any time will any email information be given to anyone. Your identity will not be disclosed at any time or to anyone.
  3. We rely on donated content from simmers in the community. What this means is that other people pay for the content. They then choose to share the content with us, by sending us links &/or attachments of patreon/pay content.
  4. We will gladly hold any/all content that is donated to us, if the simmer that donates the content would feel safer for us to keep the content till a specified date.
  5. All The Sims 4 patreon content that is donated after the Tuesday prior to the Friday update, will be kept until the following weeks update.