TS4 Patreon January 11, 2019

The updates will continue to be uploaded a bit later in the day until further notice. Our regular team member that does the updates, had their computer decide it wasn't going to load anymore. Don't worry it wasn't from a file or anything of that nature, just dumb luck and a "why me" moment. So their system is off getting repaired and someone else that is more on the western side of the US is doing the updates. They work a full time job so updates will not be posted until after they get home from work and tend to their family. Around 9 pm Friday New York or 2 am Saturday London.
We ask everyone to be patient with us as the updates go up later than most are use to.

We are in need of patreon file donors. We have a rather long list again, so if you can subscribe to a patreon for a month or more, please e-mail us at this LINK for the list of current patreons we need donors for.
Thank You to everyone who donates files to share with the entire The Sims community.
We could not do this without all of you!